Six practical ways that you can keep cooler without air conditioning.

Thursday, August 17th, 2017

I wrote a rather detailed account on how we survive the summer heat without air-conditioning here:, but there was some concern that perhaps I’d included too much detail, so here follows a concise list of suggestions without any of the stories or experiences.

1. Monitor the inside and outside temperatures (you can get indoor/outdoor digital thermometers with a sensor that will fit between the seal of a door or window. Humidity can deceive your perception of temperature – digits are fool-proof.

2. In the evening, once the exterior temperature drops below the internal temperature, open every window and door that you can. (For us, this is usually 6/7pm.)
If security is a concern, you can buy baby safety stops which double as protection from intruders by preventing the windows from opening beyond a certain point.

3. When you wake, open any windows and doors that you closed overnight. But when the exterior temperature starts to rise, shut everything (for us, this is around 8am).

4. If you have curtains, blinds or shutters, use them. Prevent the intense sun from directly heating the rooms.

5. Use fans, but don’t place them in open windows unless you’re sure that you’re bringing in cool air.
Air movement is fantastic. Increasing the core temperature of your house isn’t.

6. Look at the design of your home, and work out how you can best utilize it.
Do you have windows or vents in your attic that can be opened?
Do you have windows or doors in your basement that can be opened (do you need to install a barrier of sorts to add security so that you can still have the air movement without the intruder risk?)?
Do you have doors in your house between your basement and attic that can be opened so that the warm air can rise through the house and ultimately escape?
If you live in an old house with sash windows, your top sashes may be painted shut like ours were. It’s a pain, but you’ll get the best results if you free them.




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