The first month at home

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

Finally, after 11pm last night, it started to sink in that I wouldn’t be driving to work in the morning. Ever. (Well at least not in the foreseeable future.) It’s taken a month for the realization to really sink in.

I worked like crazy to get as much housework done as possible over the weekend

I started in on the timetable for Eliza’s education this morning: We started by singing some nursery rhymes, then went on to addition of one (up to =20), reading, science (how plants grow from seed to flower), and piano practice.

I’ll be starting on lunch shortly, and then she’ll have a play before her nap.
The only ‘timetabled’ activity for this afternoon will be painting.

Her attention span was around 10 minutes, which was perfect.
I had allotted 20 minutes, but was going to be happy with 5 or 10.

So there you have it… my morning.

I’ve been indulging in Calligraphy.

I got my first as-near-as-it-gets accusation of being a pushy parent!!!! lol
I had written yesterday that E wasn’t as enthralled with ‘school’ as on Monday. I received a caution againt ‘forcing’ school on a 3yr old, to which I replied with the following:

“That she was thrilled to pieces on Monday, says that she’s ready and willing to learn. I know you believe that the age (3 or otherwise) doesn’t impact as much as readiness of mind. She was exposed to foundations at such a young age that she does fantastically well with new info.
I didn’t push the matter with her yesterday, but we ended up doing all but one of the topics I had ‘scheduled’. In my observation,the attitude of the teacher has a lot to do with perceptions of force by the student.

This morning at breakfast, I was fully ready to pass on today’s lessons, but she started to play with books later, and I asked if she would read to me. She did eventually, and ended up reading the best yet. I only had to ask once if she wanted to count coins (addition tool).

Her attention span is around 10 minutes, at which I’m thrilled. If she decides that she’s going to do something, I will actively encourage her to stick with it, rather than flit from distraction to distraction, hence the reference to self-discipline. ”

Is what I’m doing so bad?! Knowledge is a survival mechanism. A child’s brain can learn now with great ease compared to how much more difficult it becomes from around 6yrs old…. Sigh!!!!!!


21st March: 350-odd seeds were planted in the garden. The weather was still cold, and it there was still frequent snow.

22nd March: I’ve got to admit it.. the best parts of this week were the two times when E was asleep , and I got to watch a Costume Drama that I’ve been trying to watch for 4 months!!!!

I’ve reorganized the kitchen cabinets and submitted a grant proposal to allow us to have an Orchard sooner than we’d be able to if it were 100% self-funded.

30th March: It took a week, but all of the potatoes that we had harvested were finally sorted out.
Many had started sprouting, so I was able to match description of sprout colours with skin texture/colour and flesh qualities.

Eliza’s bedroom was moved from the room at the top of the stairs down the hall to the small one next to the bathroom. It’s a bedroom. She doesn’t need space to play in there. Her old room will become the playroom/schoolroom/nursey.

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