Master List



          Daily Routine

           Weekly Routine

          Gardening – planting/harvesting days etc
          Pet scheduling (medication, flea & tick skin treatment, grooming/bathing days etc),

          home maintenance (air filter changes, mattress flipping/rotating, carpet cleaning),
          car maintenance,
          birthdays, vacations etc.




          Spring & Summer Chore Checklist

          Fall & Winter Chore Checklist


          First Aid Checklist

          Blood Pressure Checklist

          Diet tracker


          Equipment and Appliances – Office, entertainment, air con, cleaning (washer dryer), dishwasher, mwave, oven, fridge,

          Musical Instruments




     Design & Decor (Accessories, Fixtures & Floors, Furniture, Lighting & Windows (Curtains/Drapes/Blinds)


          Common Rooms (Entry, Drawing, Library, Dining)




     Cycle Menu


     Shopping lists

     Price Book Template

     Freezer Inventory

     Pantry Inventory

     Larder Inventory

     Favorite Recipes

     Recipes To Try



Fiscal / Records


          Marriage Certificate

          Birth Certificates

          Religious Papers and Certificates

          Naturalization and Citizenship Papers

          Passports and Visas

     Tax Returns

     Insurance Documents



          Upcoming Taxes

          Rental receipts

          Vehicle Titles Upcoming renewals


          Bank (ATM card details)

          Credit Cards


Emergency Info



     Family & Friends


     Restaurant Directory


     Stamps, return labels, envelopes, letterhead



     Birthday Party Planner

     Birthday Party Guest List

     Picnic Checklist

     Camping Checklist

     Pre-Travel Checklist

     Travel Packing Checklist

     Yard Sale Checklist