The Kitchen tab is probably the most visited, second to the daily routine.

contains an overview of the 5-week Cycle Menu along with individual weekly menus to put up on the fridge for easy view.
Last updated: January 2011
Note: After my return to raw at the beginnig of the year, I’ve revamped the menu to list raw meals for myself in addition to the cooked meals for Frank.
It’s a work in progress, and any blank meals in greyed out boxes are waiting for a decision on what to have.


Shopping contains the 5-week Shopping list to couple with the Menu, along with the Price List to ease kitchen budgeting.


Inventory provides quick-glance charts showing what you have in the the fridge/freezer and pantry, and how much you have on-hand.


Recipes are a collection of the regular weekly recipies, quick reference to the books and page numbers of other favourite recipies, and a collection of intriguing recipies to try.