Yesteryear’s Washing Guides

Monday, June 25th, 2012

I’ve extracted these from several out of print books, now in the public domain.
They’re worth a read, and you’ll soon realise just why it was laundry duties occupied an entire DAY.

Even with my electrified, albeit vintage, washer, laundry this past Saturday morning took 5 hours from the first rinse to the last item on the line. (I’ll start soaking the clothes on Friday pm from now!)


Audels Household Helps, Hints and Receipts excerpt 1

Audel’s Household Helps, Hints and Receipts excerpt 2

The Duties of the Laundry Maid – Isabella Beeton

Manual of Household Work and Management – Butterworth (this is a  large file, I’m sorry… I’ll put it through OCR sometime and shrink it down).

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