Key to maintaining order, is an established routine.


This section contains the day-by-day weekly routine together with a very brief daily checklist.

Each day, a different area of the house is tackled.
The first week you implement this regime will be the hardest, as you’ll have the most clutter to clear.
Thereafter, it should just be a case of a quick shuffle, a dust, a sweep and/or a mop.


This contains a calendar for the following 12-months.

I print my calendar from Outlook, so the birthdays and anniversaries which are recurring, show up automatically.

The calendar contains birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, and reminders (garden planting/harvesting days, dog scheduling (heartworm medication, flea & tick skin treatment, grooming/bathing days etc), home maintenance (when to change the air filter, mattress flipping/rotating, carpet cleaning), car maintenance).

At the top of each page, I write the week number which corresponds to the menu/shopping list (see Kitchen)


This is a special section for me. I use this to keep track of my music teaching schedule, and who has/has not paid.